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Irrigation Solutions

If you can imagine it, we can do it! We can even imagine it for you...Find out more about our Workshop here >

Domestic Irrigation

There are literally thousands of options, products and systems
available to make watering your plants, vege garden, hedges and anything else that grows a walk in the park. Talk to us today for a solution that will work for you.


Horticultural Irrigation

At KeriPumps we understand the importance of getting water where you need it. We stock everything you need to maintain your irrigation system; from design to system advice, installation, service and repairs. 

Unique Projects

 Live on a dusty road? Have a motorcross track or horse arena in the back paddock? Want to build the world’s largest water slide? Come and put us to the test. We love a challenge.

Workshop Service Centre

Irrigation is the life blood of your crop. From a major pipe breakage to routine servicing or fault finding, we can get your system back to its best... or better!

Make filter changes a breeze.

Join our filtration service schedule and never have to think about filter changes or maintenance again. We can also specify and install something to suit your specific needs as well as repair and maintain your existing system. 

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