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Filtration Solutions

At KeriPumps & Irrigation Plus, we advise, install, service and repair all filtration systems.

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Domestic Filtration

How is your water quality? Concerned about sprays? Colour, taste or odour? Bacteria or Cryptosporidium? Heavy metals or dissolved solids? We can test your water and design a system to provide you with peace of mind.

Do you already have a system? We stock everything you need to
keep it performing and offer a scheduled maintenance service for hassle-free operation. 

Commercial Filtration

If you have filtration requirements on a larger scale, where your
water quality is monitored, or you have very specific water quality requirements for industry or equipment, we can help.

Talk to us today. 

Horticultural Filtration

We have horticultural filtration covered with a wide range of media filters, both manual and automatic, plus replacement parts, media, inline disc and screen filters. We can specify and install something to suit your needs, as well as repair and maintain your existing system. 

Dairy Filtration

Still on water exclusion? With increased focus on water quality in the shed, we can tailor a cost-effective system to ensure you have compliant water with minimal ongoing costs. We can specify and install something to suit your needs, as well as repair and maintain your existing system.

Make filter changes a breeze.

Join our filtration service schedule and never have to think about filter changes or maintenance again. We can also specify and install something to suit your specific needs as well as repair and maintain your existing system. 

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